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Default Re: Adrenaline's Reffing Book

Veilstone Gym Battle

5 vs 5
No Holds
Sunny Weather
No Terrain
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
OHKO Clause

Sota: Dusknoir (KO), Salamence (KO), Aerodactyl, Breloom, Lucario
Dap04: Electivire (KO), Gallade (KO), Lucario (KO), Infernape (KO), Machamp (KO)

The combination of Sota getting a lot of lucky hax and Dap accidentally attacking Salamence when it was in the air allowed Salamence to sweep most of Dap's team.
When Salamence was finally taken down, Aerodactyl just came in to clean up what was left. Good game, gym defeated.

Sota: 2,000 + Badge + TM Counter
Dap: 1,000
Me: 2,500
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