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Default Re: Making a Youtube video?

A good YouTube video...? Let's see...

First you take a bunch clips from a popular anime like Naruto, then you take them Into WMM, then you jumble them all up and add a Linkin Park song to It(don't forget to add the occasional unnecessary rainbow effect, speed ups and slow downs now!), and finally you upload It. Then... PRESTO! You have made a video that will most likely get a million views within a day!

On a serious note, If you're going to record DS footage with a camera and whatnot, I'd kind of recommend doing It In a room with dim lights, It kinda' helps It not look all bright and unsee-able for me, so maybe It'll work for you. And make sure the volume's good. =p And Stormdancer94 pretty much summed up the rest.

As for something to hook your DS up to a TV or something, I don't believe there are any. The PSP yes, but not the DS. =p
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