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Default Re: Making a Youtube video?

Originally Posted by Stormdancer94 View Post
I know nothing about this stuff, so it's from a viewers point of view here:

Don't have screamo, heavy metal music unless it REALLY fits, because otherwise it's just bloody annoying.

In that little grey box where it lists the author and the tags, have a nice, descriptive summary about your video, personal comments, etc. etc. It is a nice read and might answer a few things that viewers might not get.

Don't have giant, stupid cutscenes where it just has a giant word. They're silly.

Don't let it drag on and on, skip the walking parts. Get to the good stuff, quickly and make it GOOD, make it last.

Put your own personal 'footprint' in there, make it your own, not just another OMG, I BEAT THIS GUY IN POKEMON, thing.

GOOD TITLE = EVERYTHING. (And good screenshot!)

Yeah... >_> If you can, try to avoid getting the reflective glare of the camera in the DS screens? :/

Sorry for the rant, but that's just what VIEWERS mainly look for I guess. Oh, and don't make giant comments that start flame wars... Comment boxes really suck sometimes...

When you've made it, I'd love to see it!
Okay, thanks for the info. I was'nt really hoping for that, but, it will help me get subscribers. I am not going to be doing walkthroughs, mostly filming Wifi battles. I will try using my brothers mini camcorder, and see if I can get a clearer view of the text on-screen. That's my main concern.
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