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Default Re: Ruby/Sapphire Game Discussion

art, time to introduce u a rule of the forum... please don't double post. u can always edit your post.

Originally Posted by art
AAAH! this is so freaky! ur sister is called alice cheung yee fung, right? and you live in... Hong Kong!
behold my psychic powers! darn, i have to stop hanging out with alakazam..j/k. I happen to have ur sis on msn, she told me about it. you found the lunatone after you helped her find bagon, right? aaaw i feel bad fr you, especially since you helped me so much!
X_x... *absolutely speechless*

Originally Posted by art
and yet another thing! darn, i post so much! but i'm kind of a newbie, so it'll wear off. but ehm, I'm still wondering aout the scary ol' lady at the resthouse, and I'm even more curious: Is larvitar in sapphire? if so, where do i get it? TIA
about the scary ol' lady, it's nth, probably just a joke. well u can always say "no" and leave the house...
larvitar is not in sapphire. it is only available in FR/LG, on the 7th island. Its evolved form, tyranitar, is available in Collosseum.
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