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Default Re: Ruby/Sapphire Game Discussion

yeah, this is a good idea! now there's a place to show off ur good pokémon and whine about how you never found a shiny... lke me :(
great idea!

I've got lotsa things to say! first of all: do ya know the old ladys rest stop? she scares me! she keeps wanting me to stay! what does she do?

2nd of all: I think treecko looks awesome, just as awesome as torchic. maybe even cooler. but when i saw it evolve.. * shudder* he looks so corny! he actually has a christmastree coming out of his buttocs! am i the only one who feels this way?

ok..guess i didnt have thát much to say..but i will... oooh i will! you can count on that!

miyavi is the hotness

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