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Default A Final Year: Voice Acting Try-Outs

On RPG Maker 2003, I am making a game called A Final Year. It is a fantasy game, non-pokemon, and features a tale of a few teenagers, a corrupt kingdom, a dark new religion, and some comedy.

I wasn't long for me to decide that I wanted voice-acting in my game, but I'm pretty short on people. I can do it, and I'm sure my girlfriend (Kei Ochima if you guys couldn't guess already) would help me, and I have a friend or so that would help. But I still need 2 voice actors.

Email your tryouts to me, first email me or PM me for what kind of role you want (mostly supporting/Evil, but there are a few heros open), and I'll give you a few sample lines and how to read them. I am also posting this on youtube. I'm not looking for hollywood style voice ACTING, I could settle with Sega CD style voice acting. Yes, you definitely need a mic for the computer to do this.
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