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xP Not to contradict you or anything, Poring. My semi-artist's fur was ruffled mildly, so I had to put my own bit of commentary in on that part. You can pull off pretty much anything in poetry, as long as you do it well. Repeating terms, words, and lines can be powerful emphasis.

And if something's meaning is there, but hidden, the reader is free to make up their own. Straight-forward isn't always the answer.

But yeah, funky things can be done with words. Experiment with that and look at how it makes your writing sound, and it'll help you learn how to put your thoughts forth in better terms. ^_^

@Guard: Sorry if it sounds like I'm patronizing you. >.>'' Don't mean to do it. I'm just a tad superior by nature, XD. I don't really have a right to give you poetry advice, because I don't write it. Ever.

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