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Unhappy Re: Poetry

Originally Posted by Poring View Post
These guys are right. And since you wanted me to share my opinion of your poems, I will. Keep in mind I'm not much of a poet, though. <_< Comments will be in bold.

That's all I have to say, really. You have quite a few spelling errors, but that has nothing to do with it. Also, you might be using hyphens a little too much. Overall, I'd say your style is a bit cliched, but don't get discouraged. Keep writing, and eventually you'll develop your own style.
Wow...Thanx I guess.

I read that while I was already sad by a bad day at school, and my workload is insane. I guess I'm not really good at this, I never really thought I was but I was curious with what people would have to say about it.

I have to say, so what if the title is redundant? It's just a title...

And as for the Needles one, it was meant to be confusing like that. As for 'the light of your blight' I mean how people say 'light' as in 'realization of something' and 'blight' the deffinition where I read it is 'destructive force'

'intricate' and 'irony' are the two whole reasons I didn't want to post that, I spent a long time trying to find a word that would fit for complex and sad but that was the best I found. And as for irony, I don't know what I was thinking when I put that because I know what it means. For some reason when I wrote it, it was like that.

'head over heels' I meant like how people say they've fallen 'head over heels' for someone. But then this is afterwards when it was realized as a mistake...Do you understand what I mean?

Cliched? Oh well, it's not like I'm trying to send these in to a publisher. And that's just my style, if you don't like it or think it's bad, then fine. It's just not your cup of tea.

And finally, I know poetry isn't all depressed but a lot of it that I've seen is. And again, that's just how I view it.

If you want to see good poetry, go here: Xenowave
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