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Default Re: The Park Mart

Attention! Park Balls are being changed to be no longer exchangeable. Those who previously bought Park Balls, please do the following. If you have some, please choose a type now. If you have typed balls and wish to exchange because you don't like them, you may do that. Exchanging is good for a week from the date of this post (Eastern Timezone), after which you're stuck with the balls you have. You may only exchange each typed ball for another typed ball once, so choose carefully

Also to give more incentive to buy these previously seemingly nearly worthless balls that don't provide any catching benefit besides looking cool, Park Balls now have a higher chance to catch Basic and Baby Pokemon! This is retroactive, so no action is required on your part. If you want to talk in terms of numbers, Park Balls give a flat modifier to catch Baby and Basic more often, by about 10%.

Hyper Balls still carry higher chances on all stages except final, and have a 5% higher chance across the board. Hyper Balls are the only kind that can catch final forms, but provide no additional catch chance on these. Three of any kind of typed Park Ball can still be traded in for a Hyper Ball at the counter, and vice versa.

Please note that the percents given are approximate and pretty arbitrary. They are just being listed to explain how the catch chance modifiers compare to each other.
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