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Arrow Special FFA's Open to All Refs!

After much discussion, by everyone, it has been decided that Special FFA's should be brought back so that everyone can enjoy them.

From this point forward, every ref can use special rules if they want in addition to the standard FFA rules.

However, the Strike system is being implemented for the refs as well (taking a page from the graders). If you get one strike, you can only ref normal FFA's. If you get two strikes, you cannot ref any FFA's. Finally, if you get three strikes, you lose your ref license.

As mentioned, you can get a strike for breaking reffing rules or continuously making mistakes. Ref testers, officials, and mods can all give strikes. This system was in place before, there just wasn't a set method to it.

One strike will be removed at the end of the month. If you think you can't handle special FFA rules, don't ref one. Better to be safe than sorry.

Thank you to everyone who stood up and voiced their opinions. Because of you, the Special FFA's are returned to every ref who wants to do one. Let's go have some fun.
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