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Default Re: Pokemon Puzzles! Test your problem solving skills.

Correctely correct

Thunderbird: 3
Blastoise: 1
Matt & Vulpix: 1
~*KhrypticCello*~: 1

Pokemon Puzzle #6: Six Storey Slip-up
Six pokemon live in a beautiful towering tree in the middle of Viridian forest. The massive tree is extraordinarily high and can be separated into six Branches. Heracross lives 3 branches above Ledian. Heracross lives 2 branches above Beautifly. Slaking lives just above Heracross. Ledian lives above Venomoth but below Beautifly.

1 : Which branch does Pinsir live in?
2 : Who lives on the top branch?
3 : Who lives directly above Ledian?
4 : Who lives on the bottom branch?
5 : Which branch is Heracross living on?

Worth for 2 points :p
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