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Default Re: ~Pokemon Academy~

Chapter 2: Pick Your Classes!

Andrew and Mike left there dorm, locked it up and headed for the Battle Field. Andrew wondered what classes he would pick. He was most likely going to pick the Fighting Pokemon Training Class, but what others should he pick. He hated History so that was out of the question. Maybe he would pick the Advanced Battling Class. That might be a little too tough for me, he thought.

Mike was also wondering the same thing. He was definitely going to pick Fire Pokemon Training, for his Vulpix, of course. He was always interested in where things came from so he was also going to pick History.

Andrew and Mike stopped in front of the two large doors. They opened the door and saw about fifteen kids and 20 booths.

“Wow, so many classes!” Mike said looking at the different classes there were.

“I know it’s amazing!” Andrew replied also surprised.

After a long, long time of looking at the different classes, Andrew finally picked, Fighting Pokemon Training, Advanced Battling, and Pokemon Type Classification.

Mike too after looking for a long time picked, Fire Pokemon Training, Pokemon History, and Pokemon Type Classification.

After picking there different classes the duo returned to there dorms for the night. There classes would start tomorrow and they wanted to be prepared. While they were walking in the halls Andrew noticed a poster on the wall. It read:

The Pokemon Academy Tournament!

On Dec, 12, The Pokemon Academy is holding a Pokemon Tournament! The prize for entering is an empty Pokeball! This will be your only chance to be able to catch another Pokemon until we hold the second Tournament in March! So sign up now!

“I’m entering, what about you Mike?” Andrew asked Mike still reading the poster.

“Yeah, it sounds like fun to me!”

Mike unlocked the door and went inside, Andrew quickly followed.

“Pokeball, go!” Andrew shouted releasing his Fighting Pokemon!

“Tyrogue, in December, that’s four months from now there is going to be a Pokemon Tournament. I was wondering if you would like to enter it with me?” Andrew asked his Pokemon and looked into it’s eyes.

The Fighting Pokemon jumped up and down with joy! Andrew forgot that there is nothing a Fighting Pokemon likes more than fighting!

After that Mike and Andrew decided to retire to bed. After all they would need there strength for tomorrow!
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