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Default Re: The URPG National Park is opening it's doors!

Well they're rare. How many do you get per game? That's right, one (Not counting cloning :D), so if everybody had one it would be silly. It's meant to be rare, and having events is the only way I see of anybody being able to get one.

Go work on your characters everybody, while I work on the story. And feel free to buy stuff even before you make a character. Everybody with approval power in the Pokemart has the same power in the Park Mart, no need to be a Ranger. Only thing I ask is, keep a running record of how much the Park Mart makes in income. This is different from the Pokemart, I know.

EDIT: JT if you're the JT I'm thinking of, you might have had a hand in helping. I seriously don't remember, so it's up to Harry to decide if you get one or not.
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