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Default Re: ~Pokemon Academy~

Chapter 1: First Pokemon!

Andrew ran through the long narrow hallways. He saw many kids entering there rooms. After running for awhile he stopped to take a look where he was. He was in the Hallway for numbers 111-120! He quickly retraced his steps and in no time at all he found himself inside his new room and already sitting on the couch and releasing his Pokemon.

“Pokeball, go!” He called out throwing the Pokeball halfway across the room. A big red light came out of the Pokeball and then the Pokemon was reviled.

“Wow a Tyrouge!” Andrew said relieved that it wasn’t a Magikarp or something. “Hello buddy! I’m your new Trainer!” He said bending down to Tyrogue’s height and put his hand out.

“Ty, ty, rogue!” The Pokemon replied happily. It shook Andrew’s hand. After Tyrogue released Andrew’s hand he yelled in pain!

“Wow you’re very powerful.” He said to the small fighting Pokemon. “Imagine how strong you’ll be when you evolve!”

After Andrew and Tyrogue got to know each other Andrew took a look at his dorm room. He hadn’t the time to look at it as he was so excited at the thought of getting his very own Pokemon. He was ten years old and could easily go on his journey but he wanted to be prepared, very prepared before he did. The dorm was very narrow when you first entered but straight ahead was the couch he had sat on and a T.V. then the dorm branched of into two separate rooms.

“I completely forgot about that. I have to pick a room! Well since my room mate isn’t here Il take the one on the right.” He said running into the room with Tyrogue following close behind. He unpacked his stuff and put the posters up of his favorite Trainers. They included, Drake from the Orange Islands, Harrison who had just recently one the Johto league and someone who was not a trainer but was very famous, Prof. Oak.

After relaxing in his room and getting to know his Pokemon more he heard a knock on the door.

“It’s Mike your room-mate!” Came the voice from behind the door.

Andrew rushed to the door, unlocked it and opened it. The first thing he saw was short black hair and blue eyes.

“So you must be Andrew.” Mike said outstretching his hand.

Andrew shook his hand.

“Yes, I am Andrew. It’s nice to meet you.” Andrew said happy that he had made a new friend.

Mike stepped into the room and looked into the room on the right. He saw that it was already filled with stuff so he knew that his room must be the one on the left. Before he went into his room he stopped and looked at the shy little Tyrogue standing behind Andrew.

“Wow, you got a Tyrogue!” Mike said to Andrew.

“Yeah, cool huh? What did you get?” Andrew asked Mike wondering what he got.

“Oh, ok.” Mike replied throwing a Pokeball into the air and releasing a Pokemon.

A Vulpix appeared from the ball and curled up around Mike’s leg.

“Cool!” Andrew said looking at the fox Pokemon.

Suddenly the P.A system came on. “Would the Trainers in rooms 100-110 please come to the Pokemon Battle Field. It is time to select your classes for the year.

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