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Default Re: Bryce's Reffing Log.


Mahogany Gym Battle!

3 vs 3
Hail Weather
Sleep Clause
OHKO Clause

Leader Volcanflame: [Weavile, Walrein, Froslass]
Challenger Adrenaline: [Tyranitar, Machamp, Gengar]

Tyranitar wiped out Weavile with Earthquake and Stone Edge. Machamp scored a critical hit with Stone Edge to OHKO Froslass. Walrein attempted to stall with Substitute and Protect while Sandstorm ate away at Machamp's health, but in the end, it wasn't enough. Gym defeated!

Adrenaline: $2,000 + TM Ice Beam + Badge
Volcanflame: $1,000

I should get $1,500

Salary: $14,000

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