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Default Noan vs Adrenaline

2 on 2, D/P, no items, normal terrain, normal weather, sleep clause

Noan with Crobat and Togekiss

Adrenaline with Yanmega and Tyranitar

Yanmega speed boosted and sent crobat to sleep. Togekiss switched in and broke Yanmega's Sub with Ancient Power. Tyranitar was U-turned in, dragon danced up but had an ice fang miss, leaving togekiss to ko it with aura sphere. Yanmega got togekiss down to 4.66% health but togekiss managed to hang on and use air slash to KO it before it got killed by the sandstorm.

Noan wins and gets $1000

Adrenaline loses and gets $500

I should get $1000 for reffing
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