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Default Re: Bryce's Reffing Log.


Trovita Gym Battle!

1 vs 1 (3)
Challenger chooses types
Normal Weather
Normal Terrain

Leader The Jr Trainer vs ShiniesRule1012

Jr - [Blaziken]
Shinies - [Hitmonlee]

Shinies didn't know what the ability Reckless did, so he lost.

Jr - [Clefable]
Shinies - [Lopunny]

I have the haxxiest dice ever. Both were fully PAR'd for 3 turns in a row, and with the early use of Thunderwave, Clefable won.

The Jr Trainer: $3,000 + Defends gym.
ShiniesRule1012: $1,500

I should get $1,000

Salary: $8,000

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