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Default Re: Bryce's Reffing Log.


3 vs 3
No Helds
Normal Weather
Sleep Clause

Adrenaline: [Tyranitar, Gengar, Gliscor]
Noob of all Noobs: [Crobat, Togekiss, Slowbro]

I have hax dice. Hypnosis and Stone Edge missed the first turn, then Crobat put the beast down, earning it 7 turns of sleep. Gengar and Togekiss were immediately switched in. Gengar put the flying thing to sleep, then used Thunderbolt as Slowbro switched in, dealing major damage. Crobat and Gliscor were switched in, the latter used Ice Fang, FREEZING Crobat, then set up with Swords Dance and owned.

Adrenaline: $1,000
Noob of all Noobs: $500

I should get $1,500

Salary: $7,000

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