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Default GreenRampage vs Adrenaline

3 on 3, Revolution, no items, normal terrain, normal weather, sleep clause

GR with Murkrow, Electrivire and Victreebell

Adrenaline with Tyranitar, Gengar and Skarmory

Tyranitar took out Murkrow with a critical hit Stone edge. Electrivire OHKOd tyranitar with Low Kick. Gengar and Electrivire dealth similar damages and ended up on similar health with the sandstorm also blowing. Gengar had a hypnosis that missed giving Electrivire the advantage but Gengar destiny bonded just in time to drag it's opponent down with it. Skarmory and Victreebell faced off in a long long battle with Skarmory being sent to sleep and Victreebell unable to finish off it's opponent, whilst being buffeted by the sandstorm. Eventually Victreebell fell.

Adrenaline wins and gets $1000

GR loses and gets $500

I should get $1500 for reffing
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