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Default Re: The Dragon Cave Thread - Post your Eggs here!

Hello every one. How are you all ?
Hope well and fine with your dragons ? :D

Thats great. I was looking for some forums where people talking about dragon. And then i got it and registered and now i am here with you :)

Now, i wants to tell you something, If your dragon need more clicks, then i can hep you :)
I know a site. Where people going to get more clicks. They has their own forum too. But, no need to enter in forum. You can play a game there without enter in forum.

But, before go, you have to be sure that, you will help others. I mean, you have to click others links. Because, if you click a ( other's dragon )link, then you will get 1 credit. And, if you have no credit, then no one can click yours.

So, this is just a game. Help others and get help too :)
If you anyone interested, then i would like to help you. But, again i am telling you, be sure, you would help others. If you think, you wont click others link, but every one will clikc yours, then it would be bad. And, if your account has no creadit for 3 days, then you are banned forever :P
So, if you need - then you can just check it :) But, dont do anything. That site is too much strong for rule. I will help you and tell you - how to do and what to do :)

Check here

Anyway, I am sorry if my post is forbidden at this site.
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