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Default Turbo vs Petalburg gym leader Bryceboy

3 on 3, D/P, no items, normal terrain, normal weather, sleep clause, ohko clause, freeze clause

Bryce boy with Staraptor, Snorlax and Blissey

Turbo with Infernape, Crobat and Heracross

Staraptor takes out Infernape with a brave bird. Crobat sends snorlax to sleep for six turns and tries to nasty plot up but luck some how deals snorlax 2 amnesias through sleep talk allowing it to hang on for awhile. But it gets hit by confuse-ray and eventually dies. Blissey comes in and thunderwaves Crobat so Turbo switches to Heracross who knocks out blissey with a close combat.

Turbo wins and defeats the gym and gets $2000, the Petalburg badge and TM Roar

Petalburg gymleader Bryceboy loses and gets $1000

I should get $1500 for reffing
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