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Default {{NEW!!}} Pokemon: The Epic Rocket version!!

*Ahem* Alright, squee-gees. I know that you know that you've always wanted to be part of those silly little orginizations in the game, like team rocket. The epic team rocket. Well, I give you the oppertunity with open arms right here. Pokemon Rocket version. What you have all been waiting for. Now, let's begin, shall we? Squee-Gees?

Workers: Currently empty.....but soon will be filled.
Mapper and stuffs: GuitarHero
Udder people:

Storyline: You've been in team rocket for as long as you could remember. That red R has been in your life all this time. For awhile, you thought that your destiny was filled with evil and darkness. You were wrong. Oh, very wrong indeed. It all started on a special mission....a special raid.

A raid. Take the rare pokemon and scram. That was all it took. You do this all the time. Take helpless pokemon, bag 'em, and run back to HQ where you get paid ungenerously and occasionally get a promotion. It was all so...unfulfilling. You didn't know why you put up with it. Why?

Forulst. Not a reigon, but a large mass of islands. Each bustling with pokemon. It's you mission to find as many pokemon as you can and bag 'em all. Do yourself a favor, and try not to get caught. Or side-tracked. The boss would be angry...... But, what if, just what if, you have a change of heart?

Plot: ^^ I'm working on this right now......

You: Your character, DUH!! Need I say more?

Other people in the game: Self explainitory.

Program: ^^ I don't have one yet. I'm workin on it.

Anastasia-R made this. Not me. I'm not awesome enough to make this kind of pwnage.
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