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Default Re: Suggest Please O.o

Originally Posted by Joppie View Post
Thanks This Is Good Advice And I plan to use It :)
But What's an Annoyer?
An annoyer is a gimmicky strategy that use status, taunt and not a lot else. supporters are better, doing the same things but offering things like wish support (Something umbron does very well):

Mean Look
Baton Pass

Passing umbreon. Mean Look is not there to annoy your opponent, but to benefit you. In this instance it can make baton passes a lot easier, passing both wishes and status (should you choose one in the last slot), and also for forcing your opponent to stay in where they would really be running away very quickly (Eg blissey and garchomp). Just don't get taunted, or you're screwed ;)

Oh and S0L, blissey is a wall not a tank, and meta is a tank not a wall.
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