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Originally Posted by Joppie View Post
I Posted Here So I could ACTUALLY get some Replies as appose to The Single pokemon Thing :) Sorry If this Is against the rules But I really Need Help!
Blissey Lv100
Salamence Lv100
Metagross Lv100
Umbreon Lv100
Milotic Lv100
Ludicolo Lv100
That's My Team But What Are The Most Efficent Move Sets For All Of These Pokemon (not Just one of them)???

Please Don't Move/Close This Thread I just Want Answers :(

Come up with your own ideas first. Figure out what role each pokemon has to play on your team. Heres a start. Blissy - HP tank, staller. Salamence - sweeper. Metagross - Physical Wall and Hard hitter. Umbreon - Annoyer. Milotic - Sp wall. And go with a sp sweeper, maybe a choice scarf gengar.

That is a decent combination of what those pokemon are good for, so come up with some movesets or go one at a time and we'll help you perfect your team. Good Luck

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