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Default Re: The Legendary Traitor

With a cry, the bug monster launched itself at the night, slashing and hacking away; but the knight was skilled, his blade dancing steadily in his hands he parried away each thrust, hack, slash and cut the creature could throw his way. He had just parried the last attack away when he felt the tale tell breeze next to him. Spinning and bringing his sword up in an arc, there was a gasp, then the floating head became visible. Shock and pain written all over its stunned expression.

It recovered quickly, anger pushing aside all other feelings, and with a roar the monster launched a dark colored sphere that seemed to suck up any and all sunlight it cmae into contact with, towards the warrior, hitting him center mass. The force of the blow caused him to fly backwards, hitting the ground hard. Hastily the knight came to his feet, eyes alert for either monster. Instead he found the bug standing off to the side, clearly not disturbed by any of what it had seen, the ghost of sorts on the other hand, was busy flying among the rest of the human specators. Singling out one in particular armor covered warrior he dove in, seemingly passing through him. Or so it seemed until the warrior grasped a fallen spear and marched to join the bug creature.

The knight muttered darkly as he faced his two opponents, but remained by all outward appearances relatively calm. Slowly he lowered his sword in what looked to be a prayer, as man and creature came closer. Then, with nothing but steely determination in his eyes and hands, he lunged forward, his first attack aimed at the kneecap of the human, obliging the human jumped backwards, out of harms way. Following through the knight reversed his sweep, nearly taking the head off the bug creature who ducked just in the nick of time. Twisting the sword in his hands, he brought it back down in an arc that would have split the bug in two had it not blocked it with is scythe like hands. Undetered the knight pressed forward in his attack, swiping at the throat of the nearby human, who leaned back avoiding the death dealing blow. In the same motion he himself attacked, thrusting his spear at the midsection of the knight. Twisting sideways the knight instead grasped the spear and tugged hard, pulling the warrior closer into the hilt of his sword. Soft flesh met hard wrapped steel, and the human's nose burst into a fountain of blood. Throwing his battered opponent to the side the knight once again faced the bug who was launching its own assault.

Hard bone met steel as their weapons collided time in and time out, almost as if the two were synchronized together. Sweating beading under his armor the knight buried his sword deep in the arm of the bug creature, who could only cry out in pain. Twisting up and under the creature almost as if dancing with it, the warrior upended the bug up and over, with a crunch the creature hit the ground hard, and without a seconds pause the knight beheaded it. Spinning the blade so to bring the blade flat, he turned, and smacked the human who had risen again across the face. With an anquished cry the human left his feet, coming down on his back. At the same time the knight spun, bringing his sword downwards in a perfect vertical motion he sliced across the warriors face; or so close that when the human opened his mouth, releasing the monster instead, it was instantly cleaved in half.

Tired but alive, the knight picked up the head and pieces of the two creatures he killed and motioned to his knights, much to the cheering of the humans around them. They didn't have much, but they had won and they were alive. Alive and hopeful, the day had ended -- the legend of the famous traitor was born.

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