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Post Poetry

I decided to post this because I have made some poetry and I don't know if it's any good, so I guess I want to see if people like it...

If you want to post your own poetry here, go ahead.

When I speak to you-
I get this feeling of voodoo,
I'm going insane-
Like acid in my brain.
So confused, was it us?
Or just dust...
I still don't know-
But I try not to show.

Deadly One
You, purfect purfection-
False fase-
Stinging purfume,
Poisonous kiss,
You sent me to hell-
Then dragged me back,
Just to kill me again-
And yet, I still lie at your feet.

Needless Needles
The numbingly painful tingle-
Of a thousand needles,
Each one a lie-
Sinking into me,
I deserve the pain-
For reasons I don't understand,
Now I am complete.

Well, tell me if you like them or hate them and I might post more if I make more. I'm not emo, I just wrote these during a particually painful and depressing school year...

Here's two more.

False Friend
You, all you-
Ever did,
Is pretend-
To be my firend,
I see the light-
Of you're blight,
Let it just end...

Hell Girl
You blinded me,
With you're burning face-
I fell-
Head over heels.
You shot me,
With your hellish glare-
I bleed, and stay by your side.
You poisoned me,
With your toxic laugh-
I'm slowly dieing-
Next to you...

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