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Default pokemon Amethyst Version (help wanted also shows updates now)

Well thats what i decided to name is and well since it looked like some people are interested in helping ill ask ths time for help on anything

plz dont delete this thread it will show updates on the game and people who have helped ty

Definite Features:
-Master Ball for each legend (3 visable the rest invisable)
-every pokemon can be caught
-every pokemon go in proper places (fields,forest,city,surf,fishing, or underwater)
-new teams flood and drought (aka aqua and magma)
~i thought in r/s/e they didnt seem bad enough just seemed misguided in what they wanted both were right land is needed for more people to live and water is were life came from so ya time to make them evil not misguided
-totally new map
-no trade(level) or happiness(stone) evo anymore they r changed to levels or stones

Possible Features:
-possibly 24-36 badges

none written yet

Currently working on:
If pictures are wanted of certian cities or routes ask and ill post

People who have helped:
Main Team------------------------------------Judging Team-------------------------------Legends Team

Wins:15 Loses:2--------------------------------Wins:10 Loses:1------------------------------Wins:5 Loses:0
So do you think your tough enough now? to face a savage pokemon trainer

Pokemon Amethyst Version(my hack in progress)
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