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Default Re: Red/Blue/Yellow Game Discussion

Originally Posted by Mudkipboi View Post
Okay, today, I am getting a Gameboy Color, a Red Version, and a Blue version. Now, can you trade between the two games with the link cable? Or do you have to find an old one? And what in your opinion is the best starter to get? I'm going to name my trainers Red and Blue. And I am going to perform the Mew glitch on my games, so, how hard is it to do? And on like, and scale from one to 5, how fun would you rate it? 1 or 2 being D/P, 3 being Fire Red/Leafgreen, 4 being R/S, and G/S, and 5 being like Emerald, or Crystal.
~The cable used for Game Boy Advance game will not work with Red/Blue/Yellow. Though the compatable cable has (or can have) the same shapely connections, there is a different cable necessary. Mine is black in color, versus my grey and purple GBA cable.

*there are generic cables offered by second party companies. I have seen them offer transparent pink/purple ones*

~Starter: In Red/Blue, Brock, the first gym leader, will not have a Rock move on his party. As such, your choice in starter does not really matter. Bulbasaur worked better for me in Red Version, as Viridian Forest has loads of Weedle, saving me money on early antidotes with Bulba's dual poison. Also, Bug is effective against Poison in Red/Blue/Yellow.

~The glitch is not so much hard to do as the timing itself. You essentially pretty much have to press as though both button presses occur at seemingly the same time.

~I don't really enjoy your rating system, but I would rate it as I would rate FireRed/LeafGreen. But for the presence of the Islands, as they do not appear in Red/Blue/Yellow. I do, however, rate these games high for the presence of the Missingno. trick. Works great with the Safari Zone.
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