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Default Re: ~Respect Hall~

–Records and Awards–

Want to see the best of the best? Or maybe the worst of the worst? Here is where all the records go and people are glorified. I’ll try to find the actual record numbers for some of these in question.

Most battles with a single Pokémon: Loyal Arcanine (Arcanine, 230)
Most battles: Pidge (1200+)
Best Winning Streak: Figgy (81)
Most Taught Moves(TM/HM/BM) on Single Pokemon: Monbrey's Charizard
Best Gym Record: Josedecos (need to find record)
Most Badges Earned in 24 Hours: Magikchicken (7 badges)
Most Gym Battles as Leader in a Single Gym: Xalapeno, 173
Elite 4 Champion: Pidge
Most Battles reffed: Ataro (4000+)
Largest Forum FFA: 126 Pokemon Forum Free For All. Ref-Pidge
Largest Live FFA: 37 Pokemon Free For All. Ref-Pidge

Longest Capture Story: Magikchicken - Imagine that
Longest On-going storyline: Dog of Hellsing - Monsters of the Machine
Most Pokémon caught in a single story: DaRkUmBrEoN (18)
Most Pokemon caught through Stories: Dog of Hellsing (72)
- Story Writing Competition Winners: Jag, Marth, Shroomish, lil_leprachaun33, Fair, Neo Pikachu, DarkUmbreon, Pokemon Trainer Sarah, Megumi, DarkUmbreon, Megumi, Tyranitar_Trainer, Fever, Phantom Kat, Bryce, Sequentio, Kai-Mei, Natorei, Kai-Mei, MagikChicken
Highest Story Competition Voters: 31 (Winter 07)
Highest Total Votes: 92 (Megumi, Summer 07)
- Collaborative Writing Winners: Nikki the Mew and Robert the War Lord (Spring '07), Canis Lupus and Americantreefrog (Spring '08), Bryce and Phantom Kat (Spring '09), Trainer17 and Bumblebee (Spring '11)

Most Ribbons earned: Shock64 (20 ribbons)
Most Ribbons earned on a single Pokemon: Shock64 (Spoink - 17 ribbons)
Highest total points achieved in a normal contest: Sec (Gengar with 1432 PTS)

Highest amount of cash at one time: Nintendofreak000 (over 2 mil)
Banner Contest Winners: PE2K, Matthew, Neo Pikachu, Nefarious, Mystikal, Gaia, Lunar Latias, Sequentio, Pidge





Oldest Active Member: Pidge
Most Evolutions in a Battle by one Trainer: Near (25 Pokémon)
Most Expensive Auction Bid: 225,000 by Bumblebee for Larvesta (silent bid)
Cheapest Auction Bid that earned a Pokemon: Miravana (Rapidash), Loyal Arcanine (Crawdaunt), Gambling over Dancing (Victreebel), Near (Duskull w/ Pokeblocks)- $1,000
Highest Pokédex: Bumblebee (450+)
Most Pokémon in stats: Bumblebee (200)
Highest Amount of Ref Wages Earned: Monbrey ($207k)
Highest Amount of Grader Wages Earned: Neighborhood-Guest ($201k)
Highest Amount of Ranger Wages Earned: ChainReaction01 ($109.5k)

URPG 2011 Awards

Favorite Author:


Best Author:
Dog of Hellsing

Favorite Roleplayer:

Best Roleplayer:

Best Coordinator:

Favorite Referee:

Best Referee:

Best Grader:

Favorite Grader:

Best Ranger:

Favorite Ranger:
WinterVines, Chainreaction01

Best Judge:

Favorite Judge:

Best Battler:

Best Gym Leader:

Favorite Moderator/Official:

Coolest Member:
Captain Dude

Funniest Member:

Nicest Member:

Fastest Growing Member:
Captain Dude, WhiteKnight

Most Helpful Member:

Most Dedicated:

Most Intelligent:

Wish You Were Here:

Favorite Pokémon:
Husnain (3rd Year), Metagross

If you think you have a record, or an idea for a good record, please contact any Moderator.

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