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Default Re: Your Game Stats


Team: Vector
Leaders: Tiberius the Chimchar (avatar) and Aurelius the Treecko (follower)
Play Time: 15:46:42
Adventures: 40
Rank: Silver
Points: Well... 325 till the next one.
Pokemon: Ten, I think. Wait, wait... 16.

For PMD1... I had the sweet team goin', but I restarted. I don't know why. Brain damage, maybe.

So... yeah. I've got nothin'.

EDIT A ZILLION YEARS LATER: I now have an awesome duo of AWESOME.

Team: Mystics
Leaders: Flea the Munchlax (LV 45) and Slash the Totodile (LV 45)
Play Time: 25:20:52
Adventures: 63
Rank: Diamond
Points: 970 to next Rank.
Pokemon that joined you: 56, suckers!

HARDY HAR, Chrono Trigger reference.
Hatch @ 18, Arbok @ 68, Lv.100 @ 303

I'm back. Again. Jeebus.

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