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Default Re: Starting Coordinators: Free Berries

It's free berry time! Hope this works out!

1x Mago=$500
1x Chesto=$100
2x Aspear=$200
1x Spelon=$1500
1x Leppa=$500
1x Figy=$500
1x Rawst=$100
1x Cheri=$100
1x Aguav=$500
1x Nanab=$1000

Blend the Spelon, Aspear, Leppa, and Figy berries to make;GOLD PokeBlock(Luster 31, Spicy 62)

Blend the Mago, Chesto, and Aspear berries to make;BROWN PokeBlock(Luster 22, Sweet 10, Sour 10)

Blend the Rawst, Cheri, Aguav, and Nanab berries to make;LITEBLUE PokeBlock(Luster 19, Spicy 9, Bitter 35)

So, am I good?(I looked it over twice, but you may want to look it over again; it's amazingly confusing.)
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