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Unhappy Re: Pokemon Emerald: #1 Selling Game in May!

Originally Posted by Missingno mystery
I think mostly, ppl now days, are ashamed to show that they like Pokemon. I personally think that without the Internet, those sales might not be as good cause ordering off the Internet keeps your "secret" safer from your friends. In any case, Pokemon still rules and the ppl who think other wise drool.

Also, I've now seen some of the emerald animation along with the crystal, and IMO, THEY DIFFER A LOT! If you look closely at the two, C has about 3 different frame, in bases E has only 2 frames that they jest moved around (Poochyena's up and down, Zigzagoon's back and forth, etc...). I might see if I can find or make an example sometime when I'm board.
I agree I'm 15 and im ashamed to admit i like Pokemon and play it on a regular basis.
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