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Thumbs down Re: Pokemon Emerald: #1 Selling Game in May!

Originally Posted by Mr.X
I didn't get emerald because i didnt like sapphire that much

I got crystal after i got Gold because gold is the best one ever.

( hey do the pkm in emerald move like crystal)

Agreed Hoenn isn't that good Johto was the best! I still don't unterstand why they stopped doing the daytime clock where it would turn dark at night etc. and the whole thing with so and so would show up on such day and that kind of stuff. Besides that the whole layout for Hoenn and what not wasnt that good and the only thing that made Emerald so great was the catastrophe part and Battle frontier. So this whole #1 game for may suprised me a lot becuase of most of the above and I didnt think so many people liked pokemon. I mean i dont know anyone in my school who plays it so...
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