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Default Re: Isaiah's Reffing Book

Battle ID: FFA # 13

Type: [AIM]



|::FFA::| |::Battle Revolution::| |::No Held Items::| |::Normal Weather::| |::Normal Terrain::| |::Sleep Clause::| |::No Sleep Moves::| |::No Perish Song::| |::Auto Taunt::| |::Intimidate Banned::| |::All Pokemon confused for duration of battle (Excluding Own Tempo)::|


Combatants & Mons:

ArcanineSavior [::Swampert::] vs The Evil Dookie [::Swampert::] vs Turbo [::Togekiss::] vs The Jr Trainer [::Quilfish::] vs MiloticMaster1 [::Sceptile::] vs ShiniesRule [::Smeargle::] vs Adrenaline [::Slowbro::] vs Nitrous Oxide [::Slowbro::] vs Sigma_ [::Pidgeot::] vs Embreon [::Slowpoke::]


The Evil Dookie's Swampert was takening out on the very first move of the battle thanks to Sceptile, Smeargle went next under Quilfish and Slwobro. Followed by Quilfish via Swampert. Slowpoke then fell to Sceptile, followed by Togekiss thanks to the twin Slowbros who were taking out anyone that even looked at them. Sceptile was the next to go thanks to who? oh yea, Slowbro. Following logic, Swampert was the next to go as the Slowbros were untouched up to this point. The scoreboard read.

Pidgeot @ 55.41% | Slowbro 1 @ 100% | Slowbro 2 @ 100% |

A few turns later it was:

Pidgeot @ 55.41% | Slowbro 1 @ 4.82% | Slowbro 2 @ 4.82% |

And Nitrous And Adrenaline were saying:

[18:50] Iolwut: SURF THAT ****** BIRD!!!
[18:50] wtheburgerkingw: SURF THAT ****** BIRD!!!

Well the only to do after that was... ROFL

With or Without You



The Evil Dookie finished 10th and got $ 1,000
ShiniesRule finished 9th and got $ 1,000
The Jr Trainer finished 8th and got $ 1,000
Embreon finished 7th and got $ 1,500
Turbo finished 6th and got $ 2,000
Milotic Master1 finished 5th and got $ 2,500
ArcanineSavior finished 4th and got $ 3,000
Adrenaline finished 3rd and got $ 3,500
Nitrous Oxide finished 2nd and got $ 4,000
Sigma_ won and got $ 4,500
Me $ 5,000

Salary $ 23,500


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