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Default Re: Being Emo to be made illegal in Russia

Originally Posted by Geoffreys-Darkness View Post
Illegal to be emo... Make it a US law, and all the emos will rebel, and more people would join the emo legion. It's defeating the cause, and is common sense. Make something bad illegal, and more people will do it. >____>

What's so bad about being emo? :\
Also, no offense, but your predictions(like the bolded one in this quote, or previously on what would happen if Democrats would rule the country) pretty much are sloppily made hypothesizes.
Originally Posted by Winged Charmander View Post

Smallest country? WUT?


(Random google map? WUT?)

~Is this Revenge?~
I think he was being sarcastic.

Meh, let them due whatever they want. After all, most emos are posers.