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Default Re: Bron's Reffing Stats

Pidgeot79 vs. FrozenChaos
Ludicolo and Heracross vs. Jolteon and Kakuna
RSE rules, no items

The battle started with FC using Thunder. She was soooooo lucky, that she got three hits in a row to KO Ludicolo. She also almost KOed Heracross like that (with two more Thunders hitting after those three), but Jolteon was KOed and that's when it went downhill for FC. Heracross had very low HP, and used Reverasl, but both of Kakuna's types gave it a big resistance. Pidgeot decided to try to be lucky and called out Megahorn. Two lucky Megahorn hits gave Pidgeot an impressive comeback and the win.

I must also mention that this was the most impressive and interesting battle I have reffed so far. It took so many unexpected twists with the Thunders hitting, that even I was amazed by the dice program on AIM.

Pidgeot wins and gets $1000
FrozenChaos loses and gets $500, and her tenth battle for Kakuna. Take care of that new Beedrill!

I reffed.
This was a 2on2 battle, so my pay should be $1000.
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