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“Cera, what’s-” Kinje began, confused, when a voice from within the building stopped him.

“More newcomers…” the timid-sounding voice from behind the door muttered, obviously talking to another pokémon. Kinje wondered how the pokémon had seen them, but said nothing. The timid pokémon whispered again to the other, “This time it’s…” His voice faded too quietly for Kinje or Cera to hear, then the other pokémon spoke up.

“I know…go find Serai,” he said, and Kinje heard echoing footsteps as the two pokémon walked away.

“Who’s Serai?” Kinje whispered to Cera.

“I don’t know!” the arbok replied, irritated, “Be quiet!”

A moment later, Kinje’s question was answered as a pokémon walked out of the building. The pokémon was a large white horse with a flaming mane and tail, and a long pointed horn on its forehead; a rapidash. It was followed by two much smaller pokémon, a timid looking little blue penguin pokémon, a piplup, and a small brown and white fox-like pokémon, an eevee. Kinje recognized the piplup-he had seen him buying something from a shop upon recently arriving at Sunny Town. He figured they must have been the two who were talking behind the door before.

The rapidash gave Kinje and Cera a long stare before speaking. “More new recruits I suppose?” she asked, and Kinje nodded eagerly, while Cera did so as well, though more timidly. Serai then turned and walked back into the building. “Stay here,” she told them, “I must speak with the Guildmaster first.”

The rapidash, piplup, and eevee vanished into the building, leaving Kinje and Cera alone in the cave.

“I wonder who the Guildmaster is!” Kinje said suddenly, startling Cera.

“No idea,” Cera replied, “I just know that he or she is in charge of exploration teams around here. It seems a little odd that we aren’t supposed to go inside first…”

“Maybe that rapidash needs the Guildmaster’s permission to let us in,” Kinje suggested.

“I guess so,” Cera sighed impatiently, waiting for the rapidash to reappear.

For what seemed like a long time, the two waited; Cera watching as Kinje became fascinated with the fact that if he swiped his blade through the fire coming from one of the many torches in the cave fast enough, he didn’t get burned.

“You’re going to hurt yourself…” she warned him as he swiped his arm across the fire yet again.

“No I’m not!” Kinje replied, “Just watch!” As he was about to repeat the action, the two heard the clattering of hooves and Serai the rapidash stepped out of the building and into the dimly lit cave.

“All right you two,” the rapidash stated, “Follow me. The Guildmaster has agreed to let you train here… Be grateful,” she added, giving the two an odd look, which Kinje paid no heed to.

She began to walk through the opening, and the young scyther followed, feeling excited. He remembered what the leafeon, Sayu, had told him, that ‘not everyone got to be an explorer’. He felt glad that he and Cera were being given the chance. Yet…he couldn’t help but feel a bit confused about how nervous Cera seemed. Shouldn’t she be happy she was being given the opportunity to train here?

Waiting for the arbok to catch up to him, Kinje glanced up at the large Arcanine tapestry as Serai stopped and waited as well, looking annoyed. “Hurry…” she muttered irritably, and the two newcomers followed her into the building.

Despite his worry and confusion about Cera, Kinje felt very happy-after all this time, he was finally going to start training, something he’d looked forward to for a long while. And better yet, he now had a new friend to train beside.

To be continued...

Ok, I know this chapter was pretty lacking in description, but I couldn’t figure out how to describe some pokémon or where to put the description. I promise I’ll get better at it as I write more chapters! And it’ll get more exciting later on, too, I promise! (And yes, I know the main character is annoying and oblivious-he ish supposed to be!-for now, at least.)

I probably forgot a lot of things about how the worlds in the Mystery Dungeon games work, but oh well-this is my first time writing a pokémon story that isn't about wild pokémon living in the world where humans and trainers are.

I had to end the chapter kinda quickly like that because it was getting to long, and I wanted to include the next parts in the next chapter.

Well, I hope people like this, even though there are a lot of Mystery Dungeon stories right now. x3

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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