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Default Re: Your Game Stats

I just got Darkness the 19 of July. And got quite far already.

Team: Tornado
Leader: Charmander lv.48 (Hikaru)
Play Time: 34:41:32
Adventures: 177
Rank: Super
Points: Dont know where to find
Pokemon: Piplup lv.49 (Partner; Wizard)

Other Pokes I Use:
Tropius lv.42 (Ohjiro; got from WM Generator)
Aerodactyl lv.16 (Jaiomel; need to train)
Anorith lv.16 (Septi; need to train)
Gabite lv.42 (Zeik)
Bagon lv.31 (Riku)

Just graduated from the Guild.
My Current Pearl Team

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