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Default Re: Celebi is avaible (via glitch) in G/S/C!!!

Originally Posted by xXRushXx View Post
Yes, I tried it.

Btw, here's pics of my Celebi and its strange moveset:
Celebi's Strange Moves

These pics were taken on my television screen thanks to my Gamecube's GameBoy Player (Hence why in the first pic it says at the top, "Z Button: Options").
Hum, nice.
I probably should get around to doing this sometime, I need it to complete my Dex.

EDIT: Haha, finally got around to doing it. I'm happy with the results, I ended up with my own Celebi, it's just perfect. :3
It's got some HAX moves though, haha, but some leveling up and learning will straighten that out. XD
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