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Default Re: The Path of Destiny (PG/PG-13)

Originally Posted by Kirimori View Post
I still haven't caught up ^^; but I made a doodle anyway, just to see if I could draw growlithe in the first place. My growlithe style could use some work, but I guess it's okay. The image host added some lines along the edges, though. Dx

I'll probably make a better one (background, smoother lines, more characters) later, but not until I know exactly how the characters act in the latest chapter.

So... yeah. Just thought I'd give it to you, even if it is a sketch.

Er... enjoy... -scurries off-
Awwwww! She's cute!!

*mumbles* Yeah, she actually said that exactly.

Kiri, you did a really good job! I can't draw anything cute like that when I want to, I have to be uber bored.
*cries* Why can't I draw outside class!? T_T

I think you should enter too Scyther. ^^ (though maybe you ought to put a disclaimer at the beginning warning of so many posts )
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