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Default Re: Abortion? Right or wrong?

Originally Posted by PokemonKnowItAllVanessa View Post
That is why there are places where they can be adopted!
So, the girl has to deal with it for nine months? And the baby will soon learn that it was abandoned by its parents...wouldn't that be cruel?
Originally Posted by Silver Skarmory View Post
Well, not from a political standpoint, I believe abortion's wrong. There's adoption if you or your family can't or won't support the child. But I fail to believe how you could just deny someone a chance a life like that.

But we do have different opinions as humans so I guess, as a political standpoint, it shouldn't be outlawed.
So basically, the girl has to deal with the mental and psychological problems of having to deal with it for several weeks. Of course guys would say that...after all, they don't have a single inkling of the experience, do they?
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