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Default Re: Abortion? Right or wrong?

Originally Posted by PokemonKnowItAllVanessa View Post
I am with Wandering Mew. But think about this. When you dont have a kid, you miss out on so much! You dont get to see their first steps, their first words, their first day at schools, graduation day, or see them get a first job! All you get to do is feel it's brain being sucked out before it's even out of you! Waste a life filled with future joy and happiness just becuase you dont want your own flesh and blood! Think about it! You may wish that you didnt, but you did and you cant change that.
Your right. The mom will also miss the miserable birth process, the possible C-section, the chance of a mental baby, the drop out from collage/high school, the chance of getting broke because you have to pay from insurance, food, and clothes. Its alot to miss out. Darn...I wish I was mom, that all sounds like so much fun...-_-

You can use Condomns and still get pregnant. Its just plastic. They can break.
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