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Default Re: The Path of Destiny (PG/PG-13)

Originally Posted by Achird View Post
Hiiiiii guys! =D Zina, I didn't know you were here too- sweet! =]

I was able to make an account after all! >w< Your B-Day? Yay! =D I'll be working on your present pic too! *dance*

Loooooove that banner thingy in your siggy, by the way, Scy. It looks super cool. =3

Hi Rook! =D I'm really glad you came here! And thanks!

Originally Posted by Kirimori View Post
Well, I finally decided to reply, even though I'm not done yet. It took a while for me to read just ten chapters. ^^; (Although it was mostly because your story kept making me want to write, so I'd go off and make another chapter of mine.)

This is really cool! >< I love the world you created for it. I've been trying to guess what's going on with Blazefang. I know I'm probably wrong, but based on Blazefang's "Shadowflare" and Snowcrystal's dream I've been thinking that this might have to do with shadow pokemon like in the gamecube games. It would explain why the pokemon are being captured and can't be saved...

But I'm probably wrong because I stink at guessing. |D

Your description is wonderful and I enjoy your characters a lot. I actually like Wildflame the most, even if she is a spy. But I don't think she should've given herself away to Stormblade that easily, even if he suspected her. Maybe with some work she could've convinced him...

Maybe not. He's too stubborn.

Ack! This is going to go on too long if I put everything I'm thinking! >< I shouldn't waste any more of your time. I'll post again when I finish chapter twenty.
Thanks! And you're not wasting my time, I love to hear what people think about the story. ^-^ I'm going to start reading your story soon, too! Oh, and I don't have the gamecube games, so I really know next to nothing about shadow pokémon. ^-^;;

As for Stormblade, no one really believes him, and Stormblade himself still doesn't know what Wildflame's up to...

I'm glad you like it though! For a long while I've wanted to make a map of this region and its surrounding areas, but I'm terrible at drawing maps. DX Maybe sometime though...

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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