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Default Re: ~The Uber Cool Rubber Carrot Ref Log~


AIM, 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1, Revolution, No Weather, No Terrain, No Items/Helds, Hit all moves hit one, No Substitute, No Perish Song, No OHKO moves, No Destiny Bond, No Sleep Moves (barring Rest), 50% health off for talking during reffing, Failure to send moves in 5 mins results in 10% health off, Every mon has a RUBBER CARROT (use along with your regular move. Takes 15% off of the mon you used it on)

Goho: Butterfree 8TH
Huncrew: Charizard 9TH
Milotic Master1: Vaporeon 1ST *joint*
Younglink: Solrock 5TH
Sota: Dragonite 6TH
Shinies Rule1012: Togekiss 7TH
SuperSmashBrawl: Alakazam 4TH
Legend Slayer: Kingdra 1ST *joint*
Bobtail: Empoleon 3RD

People put the Rubber Carrots to good use, which made me happy ^^. They used them for the KOs that truly mattered :P

Milotic Master1: $3750
Legend Slayer: $3750
Bobtail: $3000
SuperSmashBrawl: $2500
Younglink: $2000
Sota: $1500
Shinies Rule1012: $1000
Goho: $1000
Huncrew: $1000

Me: $4500

Current Salary: $24000
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