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Default Re: What Pokemon cracked you up?

Ambipom and bidoof. I always thought Ambipoms pre-evo was stupid, the way it always stole things in the cartoon. It just irked me. And now Ambipom....just looks funny, with the big ears, bowl hair cut and funny looking hands. Bidoof just annoyed the crap out of me, but its evolved form is ok. Probopass was so funny though... when I first saw it I was like "Whoa....WTF?! Is that really a pokemon?!" I really do like the thing though. Its cry is hilarious! xD
And Invidsible...Cumbusken has been called funny looking before...I once read about somebodys "opinion" on it, went and looked at its picture, then made a disturbing discovery that it does look the person mentioned it was...xP

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