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As the scyther got to his feet, using the wall for support, Redclaw stood beside him, letting him lean on his shoulder in case he collapsed. Fighting back his panic at being trapped, the arcanine attempted a smile as he looked back at Stormblade. “See? It won’t be so hard if I’m helping you. Just…try not to put any weight on your hurt leg.” Redclaw lightly flicked his tail over Stormblade’s bandaged shoulder, immediately regretting it as he saw his friend wince. Muttering a quick apology, he started to head in the direction of the ruined stairs, forcing himself to walk slowly as he ignored every instinct that told him to leave Stormblade and save himself.

As the two pokémon came upon the partially destroyed set of stairs Redclaw had seen earlier, the arcanine glanced at the rubble blocking the doorway where the stairs had led, and sighed. “I don’t think we have much time to…” he paused as the walls and floor shook again, and went on, “Searching for another way out will take too long. Let me see if I can clear the way for us.”

As Stormblade shakily sat down, Redclaw bounded away from him, running up to the stairs and clearing the gap between them caused by the collapse easily, and swiftly reaching the blocked doorway. Using all the strength he could muster, Redclaw pushed aside the debris, moving enough of it until the pile collapsed, leaving most of the doorway open.

Eyes widening in shock, he stepped back.

Nearly the entire hallway ahead of him was up in flames, including the next set of stairs. Fearfully realizing how quickly the fire had spread to that part of the building, Redclaw could only wonder how long it would take the flames to reach him and Stormblade.

As his thoughts drifted back to the scyther, Redclaw felt at a loss for what to do. Being a fire type, he could make it through the fire, but Stormblade… couldn’t.

Turning away from the fire, Redclaw bounded back down the ruined stairs and into the room where he’d found the pokémon food, suddenly getting an idea. Walking up to some of the large wooden boxes, he quickly pushed one of them out the door, as Stormblade watched him, looking confused.

Redclaw pushed the box underneath the gaping hole in the ceiling he had seen when he had first woken up. It was just tall enough for a pokémon of Stormblade’s size to climb onto it and up through the opening. How Stormblade was going to climb up there, however, Redclaw wasn’t sure.

Moving fast, Redclaw found a smaller box and pushed it next to the first one, hoping that would make it easier to climb, and then darted back to Stormblade.

As Redclaw helped the scyther back toward the boxes, he couldn’t help being worried about how painfully slow he had to walk. Stormblade was almost constantly stumbling, and when Redclaw walked too fast, he would sometimes fall over. By the time they reached the boxes, more of the ceiling had collapsed further down the hallway, though thankfully not near them.

Pushing Stormblade toward the two boxes, Redclaw told him, “We can climb up to the next floor from here. You go first…I know the boxes won’t break if you stand on them,” he added, realizing that the boxes were definitely strong enough to hold a scyther’s weight…but he was unsure if they would hold an arcanine’s. He shook the thought from his mind. If the boxes were too weak, he could always reach the second floor using the stairs…but would it be wise to leave Stormblade alone for that time? And would using another route take too long?

Stormblade looked up through the hole in the ceiling worriedly. Trying to ignore the pain, he dug his scythes into the first wooden box and wearily hauled himself on top of it, with a little help from Redclaw. Once on top, Stormblade took a few shuddering breaths before painfully climbing up onto the next one.

Redclaw watched, still worried. “Hurry!” he called, pacing back and forth across the shaking floor as he watched Stormblade try to stand on the box without putting weight on his injured leg and using his scythes for support instead.

Carefully setting his injured leg down, Stormblade lifted his scythes toward the opening in the ceiling, but immediately gave a cry of pain and collapsed, nearly causing the box to fall over.

“Try again!” Redclaw yelled, and Stormblade detected a hint of panic in the arcanine’s urgent voice.

Wiping the blood from his eyes with the dull side of his scythe, Stormblade carefully stood up, hearing the walls around him creak again. Reaching up with his scythes, he lodged them into the floor of the room above him, trying to pull himself through the opening, but after a few moments, he started to slip.

Redclaw could see that pain was preventing Stormblade from climbing up to the next floor. Leaping onto the taller box, Redclaw felt the wood splinter beneath his paws as he leaped upward, his front paws landing on the floor of the hallway above them. Scrabbling with his claws, Redclaw climbed up and onto the next floor, feeling the box beneath him splinter and break.

Once he was safely on the next floor, he ran toward Stormblade, grabbing the scyther’s wing in his teeth and lifting him up safely away from the opening and onto the floor. Ignoring Stormblade’s small whimpers of pain, Redclaw peered around, seeing smoke from the fire starting to fill the hallway, and a room who’s walls had almost completely collapsed. “This way!” he told Stormblade, pointing with his muzzle in the opposite direction.

Helping Stormblade, Redclaw looked around for another set of stairs that would lead them up to the next floor. Slowly, smoke started to fill the hallway, and though it didn’t bother Redclaw much, being a fire type, it made Stormblade start to cough terribly.

Redclaw glanced ahead, noticing a large, mostly undamaged room nearby, and walked inside it, spotting some thin metal stairs leading up into another room. Redclaw hesitated, not sure if he could help Stormblade up those stairs, as there seemed to be barely enough room for an arcanine to climb them.

“Stormblade…” Redclaw began, nudging his friend toward the stairs, “You can climb them…just use your scythes to help you…”

“All right…” Stormblade replied shakily, feeling the building shudder, “I’ll try…”

As Stormblade agonizingly limped up the stairs, Redclaw followed carefully, hoping the flimsy looking stairs wouldn’t be damaged before they made it to the top. Luckily, although Redclaw was forced to move slowly, the stairs held until they made it into the room in the floor above.

Wanting to look for a way to the first floor while Stormblade rested a bit, Redclaw walked further, looking for a set of stairs that would take them up to the floor above them, where all they would have to do would be to find a door leading outside.

Smelling smoke coming from a room nearby, Redclaw increased his pace, soon breathing a sigh of relief as he came across the a set of stairs leading up to a door that was wide open. Hearing the fire growing steadily closer, Redclaw dashed back to Stormblade, once again helping the scyther back to his feet. Stormblade looked as if he could pass out any minute, and Redclaw sincerely hoped he could make it up these stairs and out of the building.

As the two pokémon neared the stairs, Redclaw lifted his head at a crashing sound from above. Both scyther and arcanine froze, listening as the crashing grew louder, combined with the splintering of wood and the roaring of flames. In a panic, Redclaw realized that the fire had caused far too much damage to the building.

It was starting to collapse.

“Hurry!” Redclaw shouted, increasing his pace as he headed up the stairs.

Stormblade tried to keep up, but he didn’t get far, and collapsed near the foot of the stairs.

“Stormblade, get up!” Redclaw cried, fighting the urge to run through the open doorway and find a way to freedom right then and there. Around him, several chunks of the ceiling were falling, and the floor, walls, and stairs were shaking.

Stormblade tried to stand, only to collapse again. Redclaw leaped to the top of the stairs, before turning and facing Stormblade. “It’s not that far!” the arcanine shouted, “You can do it!”

Trembling, Stormblade stood up and began to stumble up the stairs, not getting very far before all his strength left him. Redclaw watched the scyther collapse, this time passing out. Fighting panic as he tried not to think about how much longer the building was going to last, Redclaw leaped down the stairs to Stormblade’s side. Grabbing Stormblade’s wing in his mouth, he began to drag the unconscious scyther up the stairs.

Just as he was about to reach the top, a roar louder than thunder filled his ears. The stairs beneath him broke apart and fell, and at the same time, the ceiling above crashed down on him. Redclaw felt something large and heavy strike him in the head, sending him crashing to the floor. Redclaw tightened his grip on Stormblade involuntarily, as he was knocked to the ground; he felt the scyther’s wing rip and tear. He let go, and at the same time felt something strike his wounded leg and cause it to bleed more.

Before Redclaw could register what had happened, something much larger and heavier crashed into him and smashed through the floor, taking him with it. He struck something hard; he assumed it was the floor of the room below him, and felt his senses beginning to fade. Some large and heavy chunks of debris lay on top of him, immobilizing him. Glancing weakly upward, he saw the walls and the ceiling begin to collapse.

‘No…’ he thought desperately, ‘It can’t end this way…’ He looked up once more, hearing the loud crashing grow louder, and a moment later, darkness stole his thoughts away.


Thunder was wandering on her own, as the sun was beginning to set on the horizon. Her wounds made her movements stiff and painful, but she had refused to stop. In the distance, she could see large sandy colored rocks and cliffs, and close by them, a small grove of trees. That was where she was headed, as she felt too exhausted to search any further until her wounds healed a little more.

Pausing to scratch idly at her collar with her scythe, Thunder glanced at the rocky fields around her, feeling strangely weak and vulnerable, though there was no sign of any other pokémon around.

The scyther stood still, feeling lost and hopeless. She hadn’t thought that being alone would ever make her uncomfortable, and she wasn’t sure why it was now.

For a moment Thunder wanted to continue her journey to the trees by the cliffs, but quickly decided to rest instead. She sat at the base of a large rock, waiting for her strength to return.

It wasn’t long before exhaustion overcame her, and she slowly drifted off into a fevered sleep…

…Not noticing the human who was approaching.

To be continued...

Sorry this was short. Being depressed = REALLY bad writer's block. >.< I promise I'll try to make the other chapters better...

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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