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Default Re: Crappy Reffing

Holds on
No Weather/Terrain

Crazy231 [Rhyperior, Lopunny, Alakazam], vs. SuperSmashBrawl [Electrode, Metagross, Lucario]

Electrode weakened Rhyperior with screeching and toxic and was KOd after a few turns of set up by Rhyperior. Metagross came in Choice Scarfed and KOd the Rock Polished Rhyperior. Lopunny switcheroo'd a Flame Orb to Meta and stalled with 2 endure's to get its HP down. Zam came in and finished off Meta with HP ground. Down to just Zam and Lucario now. :O It went... HP Ground, Shadow Claw (No CH), Bullet Punch, HP Ground. Zam had 3.5% left. GG

Crazy wins, gets 1000
SSB loses, get 500

I get 1500 for reffing

Salary: $33,500

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