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Default Re: ~The Uber Cool Rubber Carrot Ref Log~


I don't like taking credit, so yes, we will split it like you said, Jackson. :P

Plus, these were the rules of the above FFA, because I want to put them in xP

AIM, 1v1v1v1v1v1, Revolution, No Weather, No Terrain, No Items/Helds, Hit all moves hit one, No Perish Song, No Sleep Moves (barring Rest), 50% health off for talking during reffing, Failure to send moves in 5 mins results in 10% health off, If you KO someone with more than 50% health you get healed by the amount that they had

Current Salary: $3500)

AIM, 2v2, Revolution, No Weather, No Terrain, No Items (Helds on)

Pokelord01: Gengar, Weavile
Trainer17: Tyranitar, Garchomp

Relatively short. Tyranitar OHKO'd Gengar with the help of Sandstorm, but when Weavile was sent out, Sam switched to Garchomp... and lost both his mons to Ice Shard then Brick Break.

Pokelord01: $1000
Trainer17: $500

Me: $1000

Current Salary: $4500
MK + Trainer17 = Evil twins | MK + Leo = BFFs

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