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Default Re: ~.::LR's Art Gallery::.~ Now taking requests!

Hey Gem, I have someone who wants to be drawn. ^^

Saiyu: Me! =^^=

Reylai: Hey, I want to be drawn, too! I don't have any pictures...

Sorry Reylai, Saiyu needs the picture right now. >.<

Reylai: You take favorites!

Yes, I do. O.o

Reylai: That is not fair!

No, it's not, but I do anyways. Now, for Saiyu's picture...
Saiyu is short and chubby(cute-ish kind of chubby), wears a skii cap all the time, those two black marks on his cheek connect to form a "z", has snow-colored electric marks that look like the end of Raichu's tail on his hips, loves his snowboard a lot(so try to draw him snowboarding in a snowy background), and that's about it. ^^

Hey Saiyu, say it too.

Saiyu: Thanks, Gem! =^^=

Reylai: I'd say thanks if you drew a picture of me! I'm a shiny Flygon, and that's it. Nothin special.

Hey, I might add something special soon, so that's why I haven't drawn you yet.
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