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Default Re: ~.::LR's Art Gallery::.~ Now taking requests!

IF you aint too busy, with requests and all, i would love to have a tutorial from you on drawing. I personally LOVE drawing, but i'm absolutely crap at it, i've been drawing since i was 3.7 and haven't really stopped since.^.^"

I haven't ever taken drawing classes before and i don't even know where to begin on getting proportions right. I just want to know how to draw properly. =\

So, yeah, if you're not to busy a tutorial would be awesome. Thanks, LR, Latias, Gem, whatever you want to be called. ^_^

I love your Deltora Dragon, the best series of books i ever read is Deltora Quest. I've got the book on how to draw the Deltora Dragons and more. =)
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